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  • Inspirational, empowering and playful meditation cards

  • Designed to create a healthy relationship with your body, food and self

  • Gentle reminders and daily practices

  • Inspires body love, intuitive eating, emotional nurturing & loving

Throw them into a bowl and pick a different one every day.
With daily practice, these cards will take you on a healing journey,bringing you back home to your internal wisdom, loving self, and sacred body

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​This is the story of how Laurelee and her mother find the truth of the heart and its healing powers. It's a chronicle of the transformative potentials found in simple acts of caring, compassion and love. There's magic in these pages, teaching precious insights to make every day a little richer and more fulfilling. Though a book about death and dying, this is much more than that, giving strength and support for anyone struggling with and ultimately embracing life's greatest challenges.

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It’s Not About Food gives you the tools and the understanding to break the destructive cycle of bingeing, dieting, and self-starvation. By using the proven techniques developed in the Beyond Hunger workshops, you will be able to transform your relationship not only with food, but also with your body and yourself. These exercises and meditations will help you determine the differences between what your body craves to eat, what your mind thinks you should eat, and what your emotions are driving you to eat. This non-diet approach goes beneath the symptoms of eating disorders and explores the cultural pressures women face, along with the physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns that create the need to overeat or undereat in the first place.

Over It: A teen’s guide to getting beyond obsessions with food and weight - $16

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Every year, desperate parents try to save their daughters from starving themselves to death. Yet every year, more girls eat less to look like their favorite supermodels. With this sobering fact in mind, Carol Emery Normandi and Laurelee Roark developed this book based on their ongoing workshops and the feedback of hundreds of young women. They look at the behaviors that may lead to eating disorders and the cultural, emotional, and physical reasons girls obsess about weight and eating. They go on to offer girls and their parents a map and a method for finding a realistic and livable balance. Stories and quotations from girls who have struggled with eating disorders give the book immediacy, and exercises and writing suggestions steer girls toward a healthy self-image and wholesome eating patterns.

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It’s Not About Food: End Your Obsession with Food and Weight is a collaboration between Carol Normandi, an MFT psychotherapist and Laurelee Roark, an MA eating disorders workshop leader of many decades. Inspired by their own recovery, the authors began “Beyond Hunger” groups to teach their clients the principles of intuitive eating, the tools to develop a healthy body image, and the value of connecting to a spiritual journey. The authors guide women to deprogram destructive societal messages about appearance and reconnect with their inner wisdom about appetite and self-care that they believe resides in all of us. The ten principles of Beyond Hunger include: compassion is the foundation of all recovery, becoming conscious of our behaviors without negative self-judgment is the key to healing as is learning to accept our bodies as they are in the present. The authors explain that dieting distances us from our innate hungers and that we have to banish our critical “internal diet adviser.” Each chapter includes healing material on letting go of criticism, honoring the physical body, embracing the emotional body, reclaiming the spiritual self, and trusting one’s unique, individual process. Imagery exercises and questions in each chapter strengthen these messages. Ms. Normandi and Ms. Roark add that “at the heart of every eating disorder is the desire to awaken, embrace our whole selves, and experience our spiritual truth.” The authors declare that complete recovery is possible, and you can learn to start speaking with your voice instead of your body. The goal of their work is reflected in Naomi Wolf’s quote: “to return women’s bodies to their rightful owners.” Visit BeyondHunger.Org to learn about the authors’ workshops, books, and training programs.