Here are what some of Laurelee's clients say about her work

I started my journey around 600lbs. I have lost 150lbs in the last 16 months. My relationship with food has completely changed. Beyond Hunger has equipped me with the tools I need to recover on a daily basis. I'm grateful to Beyond Hunger for the support and change in my life. I continue with Beyond Hunger, because it is the heart of my Recovery from my eating disorder.

- Sylvie Adair



I learned about Beyond Hunger several years ago, and have come to know founder Laurelee.
This non-profit work is deep, because it is rooted in love, inspired by our inter-connectedness, and informed by experience and wisdom.  
Thank you, Laurelee and Carol, for your selfless and personal support of others who strive for health and balance in a challenging world…
- Marguerite 


Although I heard talk of self love my entire life, I never experienced it until meeting Laurelee. She tirelessly and courageously demonstrated through personal example and endless compassion what it means to be a woman who loves herself-ALL of herself-body, mind and spirit. As I have told her many times, Laurelee saved my life just as if she had pulled me from a raging river. For her this is a true vocation and not a job; she is called to do this healing work and leads by serving others first.

- Robin Chantler


I am inspired by Laurelee’s dedication to empowering women to love their bodies. She helps model healing though compassion and humor.

-Shannon Myers, MA, LMFT

A few years ago I wouldn’t have believed that recovery from disordered eating and body hatred was possible. Weight loss and “health” (aka dieting and crazy food rules) were my one and only hobby. I hit rock bottom when I lost 8 hours at work to racing thoughts about dieting and working out and mapping out an exercise plan that would meet all of the latest standards of calorie burning and “strength” training. I realized the futility of my efforts and was sick of the pain I was causing myself. The problem was I didn’t know how to be different and I didn’t know a single woman who wasn’t on a diet or trying to “eat clean” (also a diet). Thank God I met Laurelee. She has helped me learn to have compassion for myself around this issue and to practice loving and honoring my body exactly as it is today. We don’t just “talk” either - I have been giving concrete skills to change my thinking and work with my emotions around this very difficult and deep seeded issue. It truly is miraculous to me that after 20 years of food rules, dieting, and an obsession with weight and body size I can eat without fear and be present with my body and my feelings (most of the time. It’s a process). I’m supported in rejecting the diet mentality and developing trust that my body knows what it needs and I am capable of providing it. I didn’t think this kind of freedom was possible and I am forever grateful for it.

- Sarah

Laurelee is a wonderful person to be around. She has a beautiful positive energy and outlook. I am grateful to know her!

- Frederica Champagne

I am very grateful that I have been able to have had the opportunity to volunteer with Beyond Hunger as our work and stories have touched so many lives. My experience working with Laurelee Roark has helped to transform my life where I have become the healthiest and happiest I have ever been.”

- Jessica Garcia (Peer Educator for Beyond Hunger)

Laurelee has changed my life. I now have such a better mentality around my body image and knowing that there is more to me than the way I look. Thank you for teaching me that beauty is not dependent on your size, beauty is at every size! 

- Larkin Bond

I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to be part of this organization for the last few years. Through Beyond Hunger, I was able to learn a variety of different things. I learned the various ways I in which I could take care of myself without having to think about my body, or society. I learned to speak in front of large audiences and spread an important message about Eating Disorder awareness. I will forever be grateful for this organization, its thoughtfulness to try and put an end to Eating Disorders. These lessons I will take with me, and continue to educate others on what it takes to have a healthy spirit and mind. Last and not least, Beyond Hunger taught me to always love myself.

- Eslly Hernandez (Peer Educator for Beyond Hunger)

Lauralee Roark brings a rare combination of wisdom, wit, and compassion to her work as a therapist. In both group and private settings, Lauralee helped me recover from a decades long eating disorder, and

many years later, it's Lauralee's gentle, kind, and encouraging voice I hear in my head, when I can't find my own way back to loving self-acceptance, which is, of course, the foundation of all healing. I am so grateful to have found Lauralee and Beyond Hunger when I did, and encourage anyone struggling with weight and body-image issues to reach out to her.

- Sharon Portnoy